I finally added some new work to the website! It's been a while since I did that, and hopefully I'll be able to share some more soon. 

Working with Robbie Honey on the copywriting for his new range of candles was such a fun and rewarding project for me. There is not much I like more than flowers and (very good) perfume, so to work with Robbie to draw out the stories behind each candle, each of which actually smells exactly like the flower it represents, and his own story, was very enjoyable. Also to try not to veer into totally nonsensical perfumery-speak territory, but still do something poetic. The time and attention put in by Robbie to every detail of his candles project was reassuring - I particularly love the matte finish of the glass encasing the candles and the care taken with the layout of the text on the packaging. I do love copywriting when it's like this! It makes it a lot easier to work with another creative who just gets it, and I found I was inspired myself through the research process. 

You can read it all here or see it on the candle packaging, booklets and promotional materials, as well as on the Robbie Honey website.