Copywriting for the first range of candles from leading florist and botanist Robbie Honey. Text for packaging in English and French, promotional materials and website. 

Read the candle descriptions and biography below or on the Robbie Honey website. 



A bouquet fashioned entirely from lily of the valley is one of the loveliest. Its essential clarity is captured here. This bright woodland flower is sent as a sign of regard on the first of May, heralding spring.







In the throng of a distant island port at dusk, the sultry perfume of jasmine suffuses the air, and wild tendrils are fashioned into offerings. The heady scent mingles with the woody and vegetal aromas of this remote archipelago.






On a midsummer’s day, walking in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, I found fields of white lilies, astonishing in their abundance and ravishing scent. Casa Blanca is the definitive classic white oriental lily.






It was in a garden filled with night-blooming tuberose, that I first became hypnotised by their intoxicating fragrance. Cut after nightfall, their creamy petals exude an intense perfume; softened with sandalwood and amber. 







Robbie Honey has been immersed in botanical pursuits since he was a young boy roaming the wild grasslands of Zimbabwe. These adventures developed his already keen visual and olfactory senses and instilled in him a lifelong fascination with flowers and their scents.

By the age of seventeen, he was studying horticulture and went on to work in the floriculture trade in Holland and Kenya. Honing his creative sensibilities further, he studied interior design and photography at art school in Cape Town. Moving to London he trained with floral designer Ming Veevers Carter and gained a thorough grounding in event floristry.

Setting out on his own at twenty-five, Hermès was his first fashion client, followed by Dior and Armani, establishing Robbie Honey as an in-demand florist within the fashion industry.

With this rare combination of expertise: in botany, floristry and the visual arts, he started lecturing around the world on floristry and writing for the Wall Street Journal.

Robbie Honey’s first range of scented candles is inspired by individual white flowers, the scents of which have long beguiled him.