This summer, with monthly visits, I was able to broaden my horizons far beyond Paris and get deeper into France. 

Auvergne and Ardèche were certainly the France Profonde I'd heard about. Remote, sometimes eerily so - huge distances driven through great swathes of countryside, into the gentle hills, sunflower fields and forests of Auvergne, then taking hair raising mountain passes with names like 'The Hanged Man's Pass' or 'The Pass of the Dead Woman' in thick fog and driving rain into the heart of Ardèche - taking the expression 'getting away from it all' to new heights.

Not so far afield and only an hour or so from Paris, the gardens at Giverny, which despite being incredibly crowded, have inspired my planting in my own much humbler gardening adventure this summer. 

The landscape of Normandy and Brittany seems familiar and even comforting to English eyes, yet is somehow bigger, prettier, better; which probably explains its popularity. Oysters in Cancale, a walk around Mont Saint-Michel and my personal favourite: the HQ and factory outlet of Saint-James - maker of the striped breton tops I wear almost daily, located in an industrial estate just outside the eponymous town. I tried out the Steller app by making a silly story about it, which you can find here

Below, some film photos from the summer.