It's not that easy to get ducks to sit in a row, but that's the plan. 

Apparently these are Egyptian geese...

Apparently these are Egyptian geese...

At some point I'll transfer the Lola Is Beauty archives over here, but I need a bit of hand-holding, what with the possibility of broken links and/or general catastrophe, which has already happened once before. Once is enough! My hand-holder has not yet been available to help me through it, or rather do it for me while I hide behind the sofa with a strong drink. So then everything will be here, rather than a bit here and my documentation of the past ten years languishing somewhere else, and I'll try to make it all easily searchable, with nifty categories and whatnot.

Blogging about blogging is such a bore, but since I wrote that post here a while ago, I've been pleasantly reassured to find that there are so many who feel as I do, or who are at least supportive of me feeling that way. Reading this post by Maja Hattvang, whose blogging and sensibility I like so much really cheered me up (you might need Google Translate if your Norwegian's a bit rusty) and articulates a lot of things I'd been thinking without me having to articulate them, which is handy, because I find that difficult.

I now feel that having been totally immersed in the ways of the internet for ten years, I probably know what's best for me and can trust my own instinct. I'd had a lot of unsolicited advice from people who, when I first had a blog would say, "Uh, what's a blog?", who then segued into, "Oh, you're a BLOGGER" in a somewhat dismissive tone, and then, once blogging became completely mainstream and blogs were being mentioned in the mainstream press along with (mostly invented) figures of their earning power, had glanced at a few articles and thought I was an idiot for not making a six-figure salary from my blog and shilling for every brand known to man. Ok, now I have written the words blog, blogger and blogging enough times and shall resume writing my lovely journal.